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For over 20 years, members of the Taddonio family have been involved with the Ronald McDonald House charities, serving as board members, event volunteers and even marathon runners.

The family realized their ability to give back to the community could only be enhanced by creating a non-profit foundation of their own.

The Taddonio Family Foundation was founded in 2010 to further enhance and focus specifically on the ability to serve the needs of children.

We annually host a signature golf tournament, sponsor children’s camps, gain marathon sponsorships, and make various contributions to children’s activities and non-profit organizations that represent children.

The Taddonio Family continues to donate in excess of $300,000 each year to support children achieving their full potential.


Board of Directors

President: Tony Taddonio

Vice-President: Toni Marie Taddonio

Secretary: Pam Taddonio

Treasurer: Kristy Taddonio

Advisor: Don Dodge: Wells Fargo Senior Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor

Advisor: Ronald Rubin: Legal Counsel

Advisor: Larry Shugart, C.P.A.


Friends of the Foundation

The Harvest of Hope, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, The Alliance Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Cottonwood Institute, The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado, Big  Brothers Big Sisters, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, Denver Academy, Susan G. Koleman Foundation, The Raymond Wentz Foundation, Bernice E. Holland Foundation,  and The Children’s Hospital: The Courage Classic.